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VoltControl Provides Significant Savings


Direct Savings

on Electricity

Extended lifetime

of Devices

Solution to Reduce

CO2 Impact

How does VoltControl work?

Stability : Source of Savings

The voltage fluctuates at the mains – typically in Europe, between 207 and 253 Volts. Although it does not affect the functionality of the electric loads – designed to work within this range – it affects the electricity consumption.

Stabilizing and reducing the electrical voltage directly saves energy and increases the lifetime of electrical devices.

If 207 Volts are enough, why consume more?

Online Tracking Tools

Thanks to the myvoltcontrol plateform, you can view your consumption and savings data at any time, receive alarms and receive technical assistance remotely.


You can check your electricity consumption


You can view your savings data at anytime.


Receive alarms for guaranteed flawless operation


You can get technical assistance remotely.

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