Stability : Source of Savings

The voltage fluctuates at the mains – typically in Europe, between 207 and 253 Volts. Although it does not affect the functionality of the electric loads – designed to work within this range – it affects the electricity consumption.

Stabilizing and reducing the electrical voltage directly saves energy and increases the lifetime of electrical devices.

If 207 Volts are enough, why consume more?

What are we talking about?

The VoltControl Voltage Stabilizer is installed in the most efficient location, either directly at the building’s entrance or on a specific start.

The voltage range of the network is normalized to 230 volts ± 10%, therefore from 207 to 253 volts.

Electrical appliances are sized to operate throughout this voltage range but their consumption fluctuates with network variations.

Lowering and stabilizing the output voltage provides significant savings.

Our Product - VoltControl Stabilizers

Art. Number Current[A] Dimensions [mm]
(B x T x H)
Weight [kg]
VCS080A 80 600 x 425 x 1900 190
VCS125A 125 1000 x 425 x 1400 205
VCS160A 160 1000 x 425 x 1400 230
VCS250A 250 1000 x 425 x 1900 335
VCS400A 400 2000 x 625 x 1900 800
VCS630A 630 2000 x 625 x 1900 950
VCS800A 800 2600 x 625 x 2100 1200

Easy installation at the building main power supply

Short payback period
(2-5 years)
Average savings of -15%

Large Portfolio 40 [A] à 800 [A]

High security
High quality


Reduce electric consumption while increasing the lifetime of the devices and this without compromising the comfort of the user.

Direct Saving on electricity

Indirect savings on the replacement of the devices (lamps, etc…)

Saving on air conditioning due to the reduction of heating of the devices

Lowering and user-defined

Improved cos θ and better performance of devices

Solution to reduce CO2 impact

The energy saved does not require transport or storage

Double bypass system,
guaranteeing flawless


Thanks to the myvoltcontrol platform, you can view your consumption and savings data at any time, receive alarms and receive technical assistance remotely.


You can check your electricity consumption


You can view your savings data at anytime.


Receive alarms for guaranted flawless operation


You can get technical assitants remotely.

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