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20 years of experience in electricity savings and voltage stabilization.

In 1999, Lexen SA installed the first voltage stabilizers dedicated mainly to public lighting.

 We quickly realized that the technology was not limited to lighting but well suited for larger applications and even buildings.

 Our technical team developed a method to analyze the power consumption of our clients and calculate their saving potentials by using voltage stabilization.

 Since 2003 we have been offering these analysis services to our clients and have been a reseller of imported devices.

 More than 600 buildings have been equipped with voltage stabilizers during this period.

 In 2015, an energy distributor was seduced by the solution and seeking to diversify its activities. A new company was funded, to develop and manufacture a Swiss voltage stabilizer. “VoltControl” was born and our team worked on designing the new generation of voltage stabilizers, Swiss made and Swiss quality.

 Today, VoltControl offers a wide range of devices from 40A to 800A, adapted to most of the buildings.  Around 100 VoltControl devices are already in operation in Switzerland and Europe. In addition to savings between 8 and 15%, thanks to myVoltControl, our customers can instantly monitor their savings, load profiles, receive alarms and even be assisted remotely.

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